Cast and Characters


DEATH (Always in caps) is a comedic character portrayed by Julia Clement. Originally Julia portrayed DEATH on her first time doing stand-up, but DEATH has now acquired something of a life of its own with a dedicated Facebook page and its own website.

Julia will be recreating the original performance of DEATH as part of this show.

Links: Facebook, Website.

Julia has written a couple of short blog posts on how she feels about DEATH. They are how she uses the character & DEATH’s literary origins and inpirations.

Julia Clement

Julia is a stand-up comedian who has been performing regularly since 2015 with outliers in 2008 and 2013.

Initially performing as a male comedian she came out as herself at the spring equinox in 2015 and has been performing comedy on a regular basis ever since. That spring  equinox set will be performed as part of this show.

Among Julia’s claims to fame is that she  is the only person to be a Raw Comedy Quest semi-finalist under two different names and genders. The hand sanitizer set that got her into the 2013 semi-final will be performed as  part of this show. Unfortunately it is not known exactly which set got her into the 2016 semi-final but it would have been reasonably close to Julia’s first performance as herself in late 2015 which will be performed.

Links: Facebook, Website.

Nicola Redmond

Nicola has been a musician for 31 years including churches who studied ancient languages at University. She  is now branching out into comedy and is a support worker in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pink Monkey

In Julia’s earlier show 50 Years Before The Frock there were a few stuffed toys  used to recreate a significant dolls tea party and also in a toy sorting exercise to demonstrate the metaphor of how sex determination in infancy puts people into either a pink or blue bin from which it was very hard to escape. Pink Monkey represented Julia in the sorting exercise.

In the current show Tessa will recreate the toy sorting exercise. Pink Monkey will return and it will made be more obvious that she represents Julia.

Pink Monkey does not have an internet presence.

Tessa Clement

Tessa has been performing for  over 27 years and doing stand-up comedy for more than two years. She is the Master of Ceremonies (MC) of this show.

Tessa has a  Facebook  page for her comedy here.