Imagine a comedy line-up show where all the comedians are one person spread over a 10 year period? Now you don’t have to.

In 2008 a new face appeared, or rather didn’t, on the Auckland comedy scene as a bucket-list one-off. Julia Clement was doing a character comedy performance as an incompetent Grim Reaper with ambitions in show business. In 2013 she needed a second bucket and came back without a mask to make jokes at the expense of the inadequacy of hand sanitizer then in 2015 she began performing oddball but usually scientifically sound comedy on a regular basis covering topics as diverse as chicken sashimi & almond milk. In late 2015 Julia gave up the unequal fight and came out as a transgender woman. As part of coming out she started again with new material to reflect her transgender status. For the next 3½ years Julia was the only male to female stand-up comedian in Auckland.

Now she has turned almost full circle and again includes comedy based on her unique look at science and technology.

Tessa Clement is the MC introducing Julia to perform 6 comedic sets from her first 10 years as a comedian. Each act will be Julia performing the original script live with her 2019 performing skills while the video of the original performance plays silently in the background for authenticity. Also featuring Tessa Clement as the MC for the night with a guest performance at the Auckland shows by Auckland’s other transgender woman comedian Nicola Redmond.

Show dates:

The Pumphouse Theatre , Takapuna. February 20 & 21 2019, 7:30 PM. BOOK NOW.

TST Studio, Mt Eden Road, Grafton. February 22 & 23 2019, 7:30 PM. BOOK NOW.